2019.05.01 17:20

Snes9x 1.60

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The biggest changes in this release are some reversions which fix a couple games, some accuracy improvements which fix a couple more games, and some optimizations that speed things up a bit.

The Windows port now has an extra "Hacks" settings dialog that allows enabling some settings to allow older ROM hacks to work. The GTK port's hack settings are still hidden behind the -Ddangerous-hacks=true compile flag. The libretro port has had the remaining hack added. Use with caution and don't submit bug reports associated with enabling these hacks.

- Fixed subscreen blending with master brightness < 100%.
- Fixed NMI timing when toggling enable bit. Fixes Chou Aniki--hack removed.
- Reverted an IPL map optimization that misses a weird edge case that caused
  The Great Battle III to lock up.
- Clamp MSU1 addition to max amplitude instead of wrapping. Proper MSU1 tracks
  will not be affected by this.
- Save mipmap_input parameter with customized GLSL and slang shaders.
- Actually use mipmap_input parameter.
- Optimized subscreen math with help from Dwedit.
- Revert to measured APU clock speed instead of nominal speed. Fixes An
  American Tail.
- Fixed broken BPS patch support. (ArtiiP)
- Fixed MSU1 track restarting on load state.

- Changed window flags to allow NVIDIA cards to auto-enable exclusive
  fullscreen mode in OpenGL.
- Added a hidden option "DWMSync" that allows OpenGL to sync to the window
  manager while in windowed or borderless windowed mode.
- The automatic frame skip option no longer limits to 59.94Hz.
- Fixed bad icon scaling.
- Added a hacks dialog to enable settings for older hacks to run.

- Added ability to use Satellaview data in same directory as ROM.
- Fixed deviation from proper libretro spec.
- Added option to use the software NTSC filter. (stellarporter)

- Added icons to the entries to clear binding assignments.
- Fixed overlap in xBRZ multithreading.
- Changed glFenceSync option to an OML_sync option that works better.
- Fixed accumulation of partial pixel data on mouse motion when we update the
  mouse position more than once per frame.
- Allow one key to be bound to many controller buttons on the same controller.
- Force menu and button icons.
- Add the view menu to right-click when SNES mouse isn't used.
- Remove unused status bar option.
- Startup background can be changed in snes9x.conf.
- Improved PortAudio driver.

- Fixed sound output that broke with APU refactor.

List of Articles
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134 HBMAME v0.209 file NCUBE 2019.05.01 2
133 Mednafen v1.22.2 file NCUBE 2019.05.01 1
» Snes9x 1.60 file NCUBE 2019.05.01 2
131 MESSUI v0.208 file NCUBE 2019.04.28 1
130 MESSUI v0.209 file NCUBE 2019.04.28 1
129 ARCADE v0.208 file NCUBE 2019.04.28 1
128 MameUI v0.208 file NCUBE 2019.04.21 3
127 iNES v5.6 file NCUBE 2019.04.21 2
126 AppleWin v1.28.4.0 file NCUBE 2019.04.21 2
125 Sega Model 2 UI file NCUBE 2019.04.21 2
124 Caprice Forever v19.3 file NCUBE 2019.04.19 3
123 DS4Windows v1.7.2 file NCUBE 2019.04.19 1
122 Gearboy v2.7.0 file NCUBE 2019.04.16 1
121 Hoxs64 v1.0.19.0 file NCUBE 2019.04.16 1
120 Virtual GameBoy v5.6 file NCUBE 2019.04.16 1
119 GearSystem v2.5.1 file NCUBE 2019.04.06 2
118 melonDS v0.7.4 file NCUBE 2019.04.06 1
117 puNES v0.104 file NCUBE 2019.03.31 5
116 PPSSPP v1.8.0 file NCUBE 2019.03.31 6
115 Cemu v1.15.3b file NCUBE 2019.03.31 5
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